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Five Reasons to Join a Tour:


A Proven Track Record.

We are laser focused on great Santa Cruz experiences. Almost every one of our tours has a return guest who brought a friend along. Our guests have given us the highest possible rating on and


Local and Knowledgeable Guides.

Our guides have lived here for three decades and they love local food and history. Why wander around the tourist spots by yourself when you can meet up with us? There's really no better way to live like a local than joining one of our tours.


Save Time.

Today there is a a lot of online information about places to see and things to eat. These thousands of voices often contradict each other. We know this town, we've eaten here for decades and we save you precious time by going to the places that matter and avoiding the ones that are just hype.


Enhance Your Stay for After the Tour.

We'll take you to the places you may not find on your own. Tour with us early in your visit and you will know exactly where to go and what eateries to go back to for the rest of your stay.


We Are Not Touristy.

If you want to see more of Santa Cruz than the Boardwalk and the Wharf come along with us. We don't visit the crowded tourist spots. We take you off the beaten path and experience food, history and architecture only locals know about. We are not corny or touristy. If you typically avoid tours, this tour is for you.



Three Reasons NOT to take our Food Tour:

You Don't Enjoy Walking or it's Difficult.

There's no getting around the fact that we walk a couple miles on our tours. If you don't like walking or can't walk without pain this tour is not for you.

You Don't Like Tasting New Foods.

It may seem obvious, but if you don't enjoy tasting new foods, this tour is probably not for you.

You're Looking for Fancy Cuisine.

We have tasted almost all the food in Santa Cruz and we take you to our favorite places that serve great local food. However, our tours don't visit the fanciest, most expensive restaurants in town. We take you to places that are passionate about serving great food regardless of price.


Photos: Lesley Louden & John List


Buttercup Cakes



Penny Ice Creamery



Walking Food Tour



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